Welcome to my Studio

Hey Guys, I’m so excited to show you my fabulous studio. This has been a dream of mine since I bought my first professional camera. In 2006 my husband and I bought our first home which was around 900 square feet. with a growing business and dream I was unable to fit clients in to the home and I didn’t want to spend money renting a place. I would lugged my studio equipment to homes and back which was a lot of work! Last year (2015) my husband and I were blessed to move to Allendale where I could have my own space!

Welcome, lets have a visit.


(as of February 2017 I now have seamless paper backdrops available)

Here I love to display the multiple different swaddling wraps and outfits available to newborns. 4y1a2133


Straight ahead and to the right is my changing room. hang your hat and lets take a peak.4y1a2131

 to the left when entering, baby can enjoy a comfy spot to be changed instead of trying to do so on the cold floor or risk soiling a backdrop. My goal is to make you feel as much at home as possible.


Behind you is where you’ll find the many blankets, seats and backdrops I have to offer. This is only some as I am always growing my collection. Have a favorite color? no problem!


To your left is the entrance to the studio along with a pocket door that leads to my office. Hope you’ll come visit again soon.4y1a2134

Thanks for stopping by!

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