Effective Wedding Timelines

5 Effective ways to Plan your wedding timeline

by ©Jenna Kutcher

1.) Set yourself up for success: work with your vendors to create the perfect timeline for your day. There is nothing worse than feeling rushed, nothing good happens when you feel you are running out of time for things that are important for you. If you create a schedule that allows a little extra time, you won’t ever feel late. Heck, if you plan a great schedule and hire vendors you can trust, you won’t even need a watch! A good schedule is the biggest secret I know!

2.) Have a Coordinator (Mistress/Master or Ceremonies and/or Reception): there are a lot of little logistics that happen on a wedding day, from getting the guest book from Location A to Location B, moving floral arrangements from the ceremony to the reception, making sure the cocktail hour begins on time, and Grandma Louise has wheelchair access into the reception… you get the idea. Having a wedding day coordinator (if you can’t swing a full wedding planner) is a great way to designate someone to do all of the little things you might not have time to do. It’s an awesome way to allow all of your family to relax and be present and have a professional makes sure everything runs smoothly while you are enjoying every moment!

3.) Clear the clutter. When you are planning on where you are getting ready for your day, pick a space that is simply yours. Make sure your bridesmaids have a location where they can store their clothing, ditch their dress bags, and keep their purses. Your getting ready photos will be even more magnificent if you can clear the clutter from the space and keep that room yours. It’s also a great way to have everything you will need as a bride in one place, lay it all out so that you know you’re all planned and prepared the night before and then the photographer can show up and start shooting!

4.) Consider doing a first look: If you plan to do a first look, you can get the majority of your photos done ahead of time, allowing you the time to just breath, and enjoy the moments after you say “I Do”.

5.) Roll with the punches:  Want to know the biggest secret to a perfect wedding day? It won’t be perfect… and you’re going to have to be cool with that. Your wedding day is just like any other day, it’s going to be as awesome as you make it. Remember, so many people are working hard and walking on egg shells to try and make this day  live up to your expectations. If you are cool as a cucumber, chances are everyone else will relax. The day is here, come what may, just remember it’s more about a marriage than a wedding and if at the end of your day you were able to marry the love of your life, then it was the most perfect day ever!

Planning a wedding is hard work. It takes a lot of time, money, and sticky notes to make it all happen! Set yourself up for success, do as much as you can in advance so that you can just float through what is sure to be one of the most memorable days of your life! Hire people you trust, be ready for anything, and just give thanks that you are able to marry the one for whom your soul loves!

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