Change of Watch Event

When I heard “Change of Watch” My mind went immediately to Jon Snow and the nights watch (Game of Thrones if you’ve been in a cave missing out) Well this event is not even close to that but let me tell you a little bit of what happened this past Saturday night.


If you are like me and have never heard of the US Power Squadron let me fill you in a little bit. The Grand Rapids Sail and Power Squadron (GRSPS) is the Grand Rapids area’s Boating Club. They focus on safe, smart and fun boating experiences. GRSPS members have access to some of the best resources available to recreational boaters. Whether you own a sail boat, fishing boat, ski boat, pontoon etc. GRSPS can enhance your boating experience. GRSPS offers free vessel safety inspections (If you own a boat, you would be ridiculous not to take them up on this offer), introductory boating safety courses and an extensive curriculum of boating education courses. In addition, GRSPS members hold monthly and annual social  events (such as “The Change of Watch”). Follow their Facebook page to find out other upcoming events.


The Change of Watch Event recognizes those who volunteer many hours of time to such a great cause. If I could name them all I would because I met so many great people dedicated to help individuals be safe on the water.




Bruce and Mary Blinkhorn were sworn in as new members and Mary was sworn in as the new Administration Officer and now has the title of lieutenant commander.


Not from West Michigan? Don’t worry there are other Power Squadrons around the United States. Click the link to find one near you.

Vendors: Watermark Country Club // DJ Eddie Kleinfeld


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