Documented Engagement

There is a lot that goes in to planning the perfect moment for an engagement. These days there are flash mobs, and grand gestures but a couple years back my brother in law confided in me to make the moment for him and his girlfriend unforgettable. I think I can speak for most that this is a moment that goes so fast and because of the surprise there is no preparation to handle it.


Lindsey had no idea what she was planning. She had called me and ask if she could get some photos of her and Alex. This is right after I bought my first DSLR camera so she thought it would a good time to get practice in. Shortly after this phone call Alex had contacted me to put a little twist in this shoot. We went to many Grand Rapids locations and thought the perfect place to finish our shoot would be overlooking the city. I had asked Lindsey to turn around and look out at the river. I ran to the distance and then shouted, “turn around”.  The rest speaks for itself.



I was beyond honored to be a part of this but they were also blessed with photos of this amazing moment to look back on and share with their children.


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