A Good Read: The Light Between Oceans

I don’t often take time to sit down and read a book. When I do, I really enjoy it. Recently Ben and I traveled together and had a lot of time relaxing by the pool. I’m not someone that can just sit and soak in the sun. I decided that I was going to bring along a book. As we were preparing for our trip I glanced over the selections at our local grocery store and grabbed one off the shelf. Little did I know that this would resinate with me.


“The Light Between Oceans” tells the tragic story of lighthouse keeper Tom Sherbourne and his wife Isabel who, after discovering a baby in a shipwrecked boat, must face the terrible consequences of their decision to raise the child as their own. 

At the opening of the novel, Tom has just left service in WWI and has signed on a lighthouse keeper with the Australian harbormaster. He is sent as a temporary keeper to Janus Rock, a tiny island off Point Partageuse. Tom and Isabel adore their isolated life together on the island, but their honeymoon comes crashing to a halt when Isabel miscarries three consecutive pregnancies. Depressed that she cannot fulfill her role as a woman and a wife, Isabel retreats into a dark depression that permeates the island.

After experiencing a miscarriage myself I really related to the character and her sense of loss. Although I have been blessed with two children it set me in a moment of wondering if I would have been in her shoes, how would I feel. As a mother you fear all the time of things happening to your children.

If you can relate, this book is for you. I have yet to watch the movie but the book is a must read.


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