Have you wondered what all the fuss is about with Instagram? Well today I’m going to help you get started from the very beginning. Instagram is always changing so today I’m giving you the latest information that I have learned.

Set-up: There are two types of Instagram accounts. Personal and Business. Most people who own a business switch to this type of account because you can add additional contact information and data. See below


Data Information


Once you’ve chosen an account you’ll want to put in your bio of 150 characters or less along with a website where you can be reached. If you are a business I recommend using Instagram will only allow one website option and you are unable to link in your individual posts. Most people will say “link in bio” which would direct someone to their website link in the profile section. I suggest link tree because you can create multiple websites within the one link. Plus it’s free! You can check mine out here

Now if you only want to have one website attached but it’s very long an unpleasing to the eye, I suggest using which will allow you to choose a name on your own. I use this a lot as it cleans up the long list of subpages in a website.

So there you have it. Your instagram is created. Now to start posting. The biggest part of Instagram is adding a #hashtag. For those of you who still call these pound signs, I’m going to let you in a little secret. These are used to store your posts in a specific category and is also used for search options. For me, I use #westmichiganfamilyphotographer along with many others so that when someone is looking to find a photographer in my area my posts pop up.

But Kara, should I place my hashtags in my original post? For me I do not, but this is personal opinion. The reason being, I don’t want to take away from the story I am telling. I simply post my content and then comment my hashtags.

Is there a way to schedule my posts? There is! You should know that legally there is not an option to automatically post on your behalf. However there are many programs that you can schedule a post, receive an alert and with the click of a button your post with go live. The most highly rated option I’ve seen is Plann. I have not personally used this site because I’m frugal and love free stuff that can save me money. I currently use Later. Later offers many options but my favorite options are these; image storage, pre-set hashtags, pre-post viewing and did I mention it can be used on the computer or via ap?

What is an Instagram Story? Insta-story is a 24 hour view. For me, I don’t post on my instagram in real time but I do through my instagram story. Also you can tag others in this too!

Have you ever wondered how someone has placed an image other than direct photos? Take a screen shot, click your “camera” in your story, scroll up and see your latest photos. It’s that simple.

Kara, what is this paper airplane logo for? This is where you’ll be able to a postdirectly to your friends or groups within the ap.


Okay so now you know the basics, What I want you to do now is jump over to my instagram, follow me so I can check out your posts. If you have further questions let me know.

For those of you who have already been rocking out your instagram but want to take it to the next level, my girl Jenna Kutcher is offering a free live training May 31st and June 1st. Hurry because they are filling up fast! Click here to see what openings Jenna has.



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