Why I chose Honeybook


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Back in January, I decided that it was time to start the year off right and find a way for me to get my life back. I was spending so much time sending e-mails, editing contracts and having that awkward money conversation. What I didn’t realize was that there were places like Honeybook that do all of this for you. In fact I was fortunate to receive help from their team by using all of my previous information and they put it together for me. All I had to do was tweak it.

Now I’m the kind of person that loves to share the things I’m excited about. I think you can tell by now that Honeybook is something that excites me. Today I’m sharing with you all the things I love about it and how it allowed me to do more of what I love in my business.



Their Incredible Workflow

Inside this “tool” you can create custom workflows for all your different project types. I have different types of sessions and because of this their workflows are different. Honeybook allows me to customize each type of session by setting up steps to follow before and after the session.



The Task Management

My favorite part. No more sticky post it’s laying all over my desk.

As you can imagine, having 10+ clients at any given time can be seriously difficult to handle but this tool within Honeybook makes it a total game changer.

Once you apply the workflow to your client you can go to your “TASKS” tool and view what tasks need to be done today (or this week) or indefinitely for every single client, all in one glance.  No more going between 10 different projects on my white board to see what needs to be done for every client. I’m no longer stranded to my desk in my dark windowless basement office.


From your task dashboard, you can see everything that needs to get done, and you can actually do it too.  You can send emails, questionnaires and more right from this dashboard.  And if you set your workflow up with your questionnaire templates and email templates in it and ready to go, then this will only take you a matter of minutes every day (It can all be automated as well but that makes me nervous) I just have to “approve before sending” aka read the draft and make sure I want to send the file, and then hit the check box and off it goes!


The Contact Form

The contact form can be embedded on your website and is completely customizable with questions, font color, font, etc. It looks super clean and tidy on your website which I really appreciate!




I was tired to fumbling through my canned responses in google. In Honeybook I can set e-mail responses and access them easily with the click of a button. The types of templates they have are:

  • Email templates
  • Contract templates
  • Questionnaire templates
  • Brochures



before I was sending questionnaires as a google document, and then a google form. Honeybook allows me to keep the questionnaires for every client within their project and once I create the templates, I can automatically add “Send Questionnaire” to my workflow to gather any information I need from my clients! I love getting to read through their answers and see how I can improve my photography experience with each client.


I’ll be honest, I don’t use Quickbooks because I’m cheap and haven’t put this in my budget yet. I did a 30 day trial and I loved what I was able to do. When I do add this it’ll be so easy because Honeybook integrates with Quickbooks and you can create reports. You can view profit and loss reports, success rate reports, lead reports of where your leads are coming from so you know where to dedicate the bulk of your marketing budget and more.


The Mobile App

Honeybook has a great iOs app for mobile that lets you do everything you can on a desktop with your fingertips.  If I can get Wifi or 3G, I can work from anywhere, and on vacation this was a game changer! Right from my beach chair I was able to quickly check my tasks for the day and send the emails that needed sending. It’s so great for on the go days!


Calendar Integration with Google

I don’t know about you but I live by my google calendar. When I heard that this was available It was one more reason that I had to take the plunge. When you click on the “calendar” tool in Honeybook, you’ll get a view of all your upcoming payments, your booked projects, your tentative projects and your meetings. All color coded and beautiful.  It’s awesome if you’re connected with another Calendar (such as a spouse) and you can see all your upcoming appointments and when payments are happening.


The Pipeline

I love the pipeline on the homepage of Honeybook. At any given time, I can see where all my projects are. I can see who and how many inquiries need to be followed up with, who has to sign contracts, who just paid their retainer and needs to go to the next step, who’s in planning phase and more. It’s so awesome to be able to grasp that information in seconds to do a quick sweep of follow ups to inquiries or contracts sent.



Concierge Service

Honeybook eliminates problems completely, and will walk you through it or even do it for you. They also have live chat available as well as a Facebook page to discuss questions with other Honeybook users.



Nothing feels like more like Christmas morning then when you get an inquiry alert or even better that “Cha-ching” sound of when a payment is made. I love alerts because this keeps me from having to constantly check in to see if everything is running smoothly.


Payments and Invoices

Honeybook automatically sends payment reminders to your clients when something is upcoming or overdue so you don’t have to. This saves me from the awkward money conversation and allows me to do what I love instead, taking photos.

Their payments and invoices make client transactions and communication SO EASY.  Not only can you customize the image header on your invoices, but you can collect credit card payments from your clients so you can get paid instantly and never have to worry about a check being lost in the mail again.

You can customize their payment plans with custom dates, amounts, discounts, tax or no tax, a la carte add ons, etc. as needed and then they can login to their invoice and see when their payments are due and automatically get reminders when they’re coming up! My clients love it!!

For the longest time, I tried to avoid online payments to avoid the fees, but collecting checks added a level of stress I got tired of dealing with.  I know it was kind of a pain for my clients too, so implementing online payments was a big step for me.  (Plus, if they don’t want to do it online, they’re still welcome to send a check!)

Feel free to watch my previous walk through from April of this year to see some of these features in action. Honeybook is constantly making changes to improve their system so you’ll already notice from this blog that the features I mentioned were improved from 3 months ago.

Are you wondering if Honeybook is just for photographers? The answer is no! So many other creative entrepenuers use Honeybook for things like Florists, Artists, Bakers, Hairstylists, Chaplains, DJs, Videographers, etc. I’m here if you have questions. Feel free to post them below, chances are someone else might have them too!


Featured Image by Natalie Franke of the Rising Tide Society who partners with Honeybook.



2 thoughts on “Why I chose Honeybook

  1. I use Dubsado, but I appreciated the way you’ve outlined how you use honeybook for your business. Although I’ve been using Dubsado for most of this year, I know I haven’t maximized everything I can do with it so it was helpful to see your workflows and feel a little inspired to dig deeper! Thanks!


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