Hey there. I’m Kara. I’m wife, mom, and hard core coffee enthusiast. for 10 years I taught preschool and now I’m enjoying more time with my family while owning my own business. The best part about this is I can love on babies, play with kids and invest in youth more than ever. In my spare time I mentor high school girls and right now this is where my passion lies (aside from photography and business).

I just want to take a second and welcome you. Can I just say that even though I’m a photographer it’s hard for me to get on the other side of the lens. (this photo took me 12 shots before I got the right one) The problem was, I was using a self timer. There was no one there to help me relax and be myself. I’m hoping that when we meet in person you are relaxed and that you feel confident with your images.

I hope I get the opportunity to share your story and would love to hear from you. You can contact me by phone (616)835-6143 or by e-mail at karahanesphotography@gmail.com

Currently I am taking off the months of November and December, 2017. To contact me you can reach out by emailing me at karahanesphotography@gmail.com