My Go To Gear For Photography

Before I get started I just want to say that I am in no way an expert. I remember when I first started out and I felt like such a faux-tographer. I bought my first DSLR and started out photography as a hobby. When I started to receive inquiries I then decided it was time to up my game a little bit. Feeling like a photographer can be intimidating and takes a LONG time to fully understand each piece of equipment. Today I’m sharing with you what I pack in my bag for any go to photoshoot.

Here is the line up:

– 1 Camera I currently shoot with a Canon EOS 7D

– Lenses



Compact Flash Cards 32 GB Transcend

Tripod Albott 64 Inch Travel Tripod

Light Reflector 

Senior Changing Station Portable Pop Up Pod Dressing/Changing Tent

Sounds like a lot right? It is and I didn’t get it all overnight. It took me years to get this set up. Here is the thing, gear is super expensive and you might not have money to purchase a lot. Starting small and working your way up is what I always say when someone is looking to get in to photography. I honestly am not a fan of zoom lenses. I use them for details but that is about it. my favorites are the prime lenses and this is something I’m hoping to expand in the near future.

We all hear these lies that our gear defines us. There are those who take great iPhone photos right?

My Advice:

1. Know how to use your gear.

2. Educate yourself. This profession is constantly changing so you’ll want to make sure you are moving with it. A great inexpensive course for beginners would be All About Your DLSR and Intro to DSLR




Al & Betty’s 65th Anniversary


As I sat with my Grandma (Betty) this past Saturday, I asked her to tell me the same story she told me years ago. The one of how she and my Grandpa (Albert) met. She told me of the cold winters they had in Hudsonville, MI back in the late 1940s and how she and her friends would walk to Porter’s Pond to ice skate. This is where she met Albert and he asked her to start dating him. Between you and me, I think it was more than the ice skating that intrigued her. After 2 years of dating he proposed. Being a woman of faith my Grandma refused to marry someone who wasn’t a man of God. It was in this moment that she led him to the Lord and they were engaged.

On August 14th 1952 they married and months later they expected their first child thus beginning our family legacy. When asking Grandma how it feels to have 65 years together, She told me “I just can’t believe that the two of us started all of this”. Meaning our abundantly blessed family.


Although we are without many special people in this photo we are blessed as a group of Schepers. Both of them have taught me much about having faith and how to cherish those I meet. I wish many more years of blessings to both of them! Click on the image below to see more from the Anniversary Event.

IMG_8813 copy

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Hanes (66)


Plaggemeyer Family



Meet Joe and Emily and their beautiful kids, Emmia, Aaliyah, Shaylee, Jakob, Emmie and Ismael. Emily babysat me when I was little and is the oldest of the cousins in our family. That’s right, her and I are related. I remember when her and Joe started dating (over 22 years ago!) Their best friends were dating each other and set them up to join them one evening and the rest is history. Together all of them are so fun to be with and just hearing their laughter is contagious in itself.


Session at Rosy Mound Natural Area in Grand Haven.

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DeBlaay Family


I met Lindsey and her husband Matt when her and I were both pregnant with our girls and teaching preschool. Needless to say we have been great friends ever since. Not only friends but I’ve come to know her extended family and they remind me a lot of my own. Meet the DeBlaays, Mary (also known as Beppe to her grandkids), her sons Chris, Jake, Matt and Mike and their families. I think it’s fair to say that Mary has quite the beautiful family. During this session we continuously laughed, danced and said the magic word *FART* over and over to make those kiddos giggle and bring out their natural smiles (well, mostly the dads). Would you believe me if I told you that prior to this session it was 60 degrees and raining? We lucked out with beautiful mid day sunshine and a little bit of shade at Aquinas college. If you’d like to check out more from this session you can do so at Kara Hanes Photography

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Agnes and Dora by Stephanie H

Stephanie is an Independent Agnes and Dora Representative helping others feel comfortable and confident with beautiful clothes! Imagine you’re at the mall going from dressing room to dressing room trying to find the right outfit but none of them fit just right. You’re frustrated because you’ve just spent hours of your time trying on clothes that you’re not even taking home.

Now I want you to imagine meeting Stephanie for the first time. You can do this over the phone, via social media or in her own home where she is fully stocked with your future wardrobe. Now Stephanie can either let you pick and choose what you want to try on or she can style you with amazing, comfortable clothing. Trust me, I can’t stop wearing my leggings based on the soft fabric alone and not to mention they come in so many patterns. Now you may be wondering if you’re too young, too old, too tall, too wide, too short or will it fit you like it does in the ad. I’m here to tell you, yes! Agnes and Dora is for everyone. Check out what Stephanie has for you this summer.

Find Stephanie on Instagram, Facebook, or at Zipcode Jenison, 49428.



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Mommy&Me Sessions

I’m excited to announce my Mommy&Me Sessions. Today is the day that I have opened up the contact form to plan for yours. You might be wondering. What is involved in this session and how is it different from other mini sessions? Well I’m here to tell you that these sessions are special. It’s an opportunity for that Mom in your life to have her story told. Maybe you’re a mom and you have just been waiting for the opportunity to get photos with your kids. You’re a mom to be and you want to document that beautiful belly. Or maybe you’re a son or daughter and you want to give your mom memories with Grandkids to hold on to. Whatever it may be keep reading to see if this is something for you.


Get your hands on products from the following vendors:


Allison Jasperse at Yellow Door Salon

Wild tree with Katie Schepers

Baby Bijou Designs with Caitlyn Dykehouse

Calligraphy from Poppy seed signs

Agnes&Dora with Stephanie Haralson

Lemongrass Spa Products from Linnaea Kemp

and Joy Sparks Designs

Mommy & Me Sessions include: 30 Minutes in the studio (Allendale, MI), up to 5 individuals, 10-15 digital images, social media posts, free digital download, Release to print at your own lab. All for $130. Hurry now, this will book fast. Only May 2017. (Sorry coupons and/or discounts are not accepted with this offer)



Grandma, Kathy and her younger grandkids.


 Life isn’t always easy being a mom, show her how much you appreciate her by giving her an heirloom she’ll treasure!

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Emily Jo Mascarenas : Newborn Session

Newborns are some of my favorite sessions. They are so little, fragile and snuggly. This little gal was probably one of my best sessions yet (don’t get me wrong, all of my sessions this year have been amazing). I don’t think she made a peep the entire time. We also made a KHP record for the quickest newborn session. Some may not know but a newborn session can last anywhere between 1-2 hours. Most of this time is spent feeding, consoling and then getting them comfortable in a new position. With Emily we were done in as little as 40 minutes!

Meet Emily! Only 8 days old. Born at Metro Health Hospital in Wyoming on March 23rd at 9:36 pm weighing 6 lbs 12 oz 19-1/2 inches long. This little one is loved by so many but mostly by her parents David and Dianna and big brothers Nathan and Daniel. Mom’s favorite thing to do is watch her eyes explore the world and take it all in. I’d love for you to play the slideshow and take a look at some of the beautiful photos of little miss Emily. Enjoy!


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Sawyer Lochschutz : 2 Years

When I get to tell the story of someone from the time they are born and follow them through each major milestone I consider it a blessing. I am honored to have been telling the Lothschutz family’s story since their first child (Jack) and I’m sharing with you today his little brother, Sawyer.

This April, Sawyer will be turning 2 and I can’t wait to share with you his photos from this past week. Though he wouldn’t warm up to me very quickly I can see he is one that builds trust before he is ready to conquer the world. This little guy I can tell will move mountains. I’d love for you to get a glimpse of him from the beginning and who he is now!


Happy Early Birthday Sawyer!


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I just want to say that I have some amazing clients. This was the second time I captured the story of the Hammer family and it was an absolute honor. See what Mom, Lisa has to say.


“Before hiring Kara I felt anxious to get family pictures taken. I had fears about timing and finding the right location. I chose Kara because She was a former teacher of ours and has done pictures for us a few years back and we loved them!! Since working with Kara we enjoy getting family pictures and trust her instincts as a photographer! She is a wonderful person, photographer and delivers an awesome product which always makes it hard to choose what pictures to purchase (so I buy them all)! Kara is a talented, confident, wonderful photographer that captures those special moments in time!”


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