Emily Jo Mascarenas : Newborn Session

Newborns are some of my favorite sessions. They are so little, fragile and snuggly. This little gal was probably one of my best sessions yet (don’t get me wrong, all of my sessions this year have been amazing). I don’t think she made a peep the entire time. We also made a KHP record for the quickest newborn session. Some may not know but a newborn session can last anywhere between 1-2 hours. Most of this time is spent feeding, consoling and then getting them comfortable in a new position. With Emily we were done in as little as 40 minutes!

Meet Emily! Only 8 days old. Born at Metro Health Hospital in Wyoming on March 23rd at 9:36 pm weighing 6 lbs 12 oz 19-1/2 inches long. This little one is loved by so many but mostly by her parents David and Dianna and big brothers Nathan and Daniel. Mom’s favorite thing to do is watch her eyes explore the world and take it all in. I’d love for you to play the slideshow and take a look at some of the beautiful photos of little miss Emily. Enjoy!


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Organizing Your Photos

When I graduated high school my Grandma gave me an album full of childhood photographs she had kept. These were photos I hadn’t seen and she had hidden away until that moment. We all take for granted (myself included) the fact that we don’t have to print our photos anymore because for a lot of us, it’s right at our finger tips. The biggest thing I’m guilty of these days is taking photos but never printing them.


(photos from the album my Grandmother gave me)

Yesterday I spent 20 minutes deleting 500 photos off of my phone that were duplicates, blurry, photos and selfies others did when I wasn’t looking. I had already uploaded my favorites to places like Facebook and Instagram. I had over 500 photos stored on my phone. That was just from the past 2 months. Crazy right? I’m pretty sure with social media outlets being a place to put photos it’s a huge reason why we never ever do anything with the photos on our phone. It’s just plain overwhelming. Can I just tell you something?

Less is more.

So if you are overwhelmed with all of your photos – remember that simple truth: less is more. You don’t have to document every tiny moment or every tiny thing. Just the highlights will do. Your kids, your spouse, and YOU will appreciate the gift of quality over quantity if you embrace this!

Here’s my sad truth

4 Years ago we had pushed our computer to it’s limits and it stopped working. You know, that computer that contained the PAST TWO YEARS OF OUR FAMILY PHOTOS saved on the hard drive. As any panicking person would do, I asked around if the hard drive could be recovered. My husband and I decided that we would try putting it in his parent’s computer to see if it would work for recovery. Well this didn’t happen quickly and we waited on it. During this time my In-laws sadly experienced a flood in their basement and the hard drive was destroyed. Now I don’t know what was on the hard drive entirely but I’m thankful that I had printed photos and kept them in albums for a while (until it got costly). Sadly I missed a couple months in there.

I’ve learned my lesson and it’s taught me one thing. BACK UP EVERYTHING!

Learn from me, I’m telling you my new secret

 How I organize our photos.

Step 1. Put a Computer File Folder System in Place (see images below)
Step 2. Gather ALL of your digital images and put them onto that external hard drive, in order by date and folder (I recommend storage with 2 Terabytes).
Step 4. Back them up

Take a peek at my File Folder Organization System


As you can see, everything is organized by Year, then Month, My favorites, and raw (all the rest).

A few KEY tips for you to remember as you organize your digital photos:

  • Gather all images from all over the place (laptops, phones, computers, CD’s, USB’s, etc) and put them onto ONE harddrive: your new most prized possession!
  • It’s helpful to create the entire file folder system on the Harddrive first, then drag your images into the properly organized folders
  • You have to remember to also back those images up! I use SmugMug to back up my Favorite Images but you can use other platforms like Dropbox and google photos (plus they are free).

Happy Organizing My Friend!


Who are the Hanes?

Do you ever think to yourself, where did it all start? It’s been so long that I can’t remember. It’s always good to go back to the beginning.

Ben and I met back in November of 2001 through a mutual friend. Officially he and I started dating in February of 2002 and after 4 years he proposed and we married in September of 2006. Who are these crazy kids? back then we had not a care in the world other than scraping up enough gas money so we could travel 20 miles to see each other 1 or 2 times a week.


This was our Engagement Photo. Remember when Sepia was really popular?


Our Wedding September 2, 2006

In 2008 we welcomed our fun, smart and comedic baby boy Caleb. There is something about when you become a mom that everything changes. You get this overwhelming joy and fear in your heart that you can’t imagine having for anyone else.


That is until you expect another. Then you have it for 2


Fast forward 6 years to today…

Who is Ben?


Well I’m glad you asked! Ben is my hunky husband who has multiple talents. The biggest is being the most awesome dad. Ben is an electrician who also loves to pursue acting. You may have seen him in local plays or films. Recently he has started his own side business. You can check it out at H&S Electric.



This little man has quite the imagination for a 9 year old. Right now he loves to write short stories and create movies. You can see his Youtube Channel by clicking here. I’m sure he’d love it if you left him a comment!



She is one little mini me with some of her own talents that I can’t quite measure up to. One being the fact that she loves to sing. Have you heard the new Moana soundtrack? Yup so have we, all day every day but that’s okay because she has a beautiful voice (pretty sure she doesn’t get that from me).


IMG_8503 copy.jpg

Ben surprised me our first Christmas after we were married with this little girl and I can’t imagine a day with out her. She is a lap warmer who loves to snuggle. If you come to the studio, you most likely will be greeted by this little girl.



(photo by my friend over at DanyCPhotography)

Well, what can I say about myself. Well, I’m an open book. To start I have an early childhood degree (that I no longer use) and taught preschool for 10 years. Last fall I took the plunge to pursue my dream and make it my reality. Most days you can find me in my office drinking a luke warm cup of coffee. In my spare time I love to read. If you have great suggestions I’d love to hear it.

_MG_1553 copy

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Noah Bellmer : Spring Mini

Noah is a very energetic almost 7 year old who loves his dogs, riding bikes, reading and anything grandpa is doing! When spending time with Grandma he loves playing cars, building legos, and reading.

After spending only a few minutes with Noah you will find he is one awesome dude with a contagious laugh and great smile. Enjoy what’s left of Kindergarten little buddy and I hope to see you again soon!


Noah’s Grandma discovered Kara Hanes Photography through Facebook, joined the e-mail list and won half off a spring mini session during the contest. If you’d love to be a part of the Kara Hanes Photography experience you can join the list here. I’ll see you on the inside!


Oliver Koetsier

Meet Oliver. This past month he celebrated his 1st birthday. He is walking with the help of toys, is super sweet and loves his big sister, Amelia. I hope your day was filled with love, friends and family little buddy!


Advice to them from dad, Kevin and mom, Andrea. “When you have your own kids someday enjoy the little things because they turn into the big things. Try to remember every smile, hug, cry and temper because they won’t last forever. Love fiercely.”

Check out more of Oliver’s mini session here 

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Julia Enos : Mary Kay® Consultant

Meet Julia. She just started her Mary Kay® journey and I’m so excited to be able to help her with her professional shoot. Interested in Mary Kay®? Help Julia out by ordering through her site and shop with Julia.


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