Hi everyone! My name is Caitlyn and I own Baby Bijou Designs and blog over at inchbyinchlittlensail.com. I want to take this opportunity to give you the inside scoop on what hanging out with Kara is really like. Kara fulfills a lot of roles in her life, and I have been lucky enough to have experiences with her in a variety of them, from having her as our family photographer, to collaborating on projects with her, to getting advice on everything from my business to my personal life and more. 

So first, let’s talk photography. The minute you meet Kara for the first time, you’re going to feel like she has been your friend for years. She has a way of making you feel comfortable right away, creating an atmosphere that is fun and relaxed. When you get that first sneak-peak of photos she’s done for you, you feel giddy with excitement because that atmosphere comes across in the beautiful images she captures. I have had other photographers in the past, but what I love about Kara is that she is down-to-earth and funny. Unlike other photographers, Kara makes you forget photography is her business, and instead makes getting pictures enjoyable for even the most photo-shy person out there. You know what else? When my daughter would get grumpy or lose interest in getting pictures done, Kara always kept a playful attitude and made us feel welcome. In that situation it’s easy to worry the photographer is irritated and just wants to get the shoot over with, but Kara genuinely enjoys capturing your family no matter how they’re feeling that day – grumpy members included!


I also have to tell you about getting mentored in my business by Kara, and about collaborating on projects with her. When I mentioned that I was thinking of starting Baby Bijou Designs, Kara immediately responded with excitement and loads of questions for me. Had I thought about branding? What was my logo going to be like? Did I need help? I don’t know about you, but I think it takes a rare person to go out of their way to not only encourage you in your goals, but also to offer advice and help without a second thought. Kara helped me to think more deeply about my goals for my business and how to get started with what seemed suddenly like an overwhelming task! Any time I have a question, I know that I can go to Kara because she is always supportive and ready to share her knowledge and experience. Kara’s giving attitude does not extend to just me – Kara is always creating a sense of community in both her professional and personal life, bringing people together.

IMG_6132Speaking of developing community, Kara is always excited to collaborate and build on ideas with others. When I’ve worked on projects with Kara, from helping with editing or just giving project advice and being a second pair of eyes, she is always open to any feedback I have for her. Sometimes it can feel scary to give someone suggestions, but Kara is always receptive to what others have to say. Likewise, Kara is always ready to give constructive, creative feedback to others. It doesn’t take long when you’re getting to know Kara to see that she is passionate about working with others, supporting others, and creating a space where everyone feels confident and comfortable.

When it comes to describing Kara, a lot of words come to mind: photographer, mom, wife, friend… But the main word that comes to mind for me is more of a feeling: gratitude. I have been so fortunate to work with Kara, and I truly hope you get a chance to develop a relationship with her, too. Kara is always ready to hear your story, whether you’re thinking of getting some pictures done or you are curious about being a smart entrepreneur like she is.


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